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2020-2021: AMS Acquisitions, LLC, is planning a massive, three-project redevelopment in the Yonkers downtown.

The project is in its first phase—the “Draft Scope"—that must be prepared for the Environmental Impact Statement on the Project. Public Comments will be part of the process. 

YCSD is a volunteer organization of private citizens which advocates for smart economic development in Yonkers that balances civic economic gain with respect for the natural environment, social history and varied cultures of the city.

YCSD believes that truly successful development must benefit as many people as possible within a diverse community; that a higher quality of life for all must emphasis maximum public access to functional, beautiful, natural open spaces; and that civic engagement in community planning is a vital path to a successful municipal future.

Yonkers Committee for Smart Development
Check out the SEQRA Cookbook: The Cliff Notes to an EIS!

The SEQR Cookbook

This version of the State Environmental Quality Review Act Cookbook reflects changes to the statewide SEQR Regulations, 6 NYCRR Part 617, effective in January 2019. The Cookbook takes the reader through the SEQR process step-by-step.

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