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About Us:


Terry Joshi, President

Terry Joshi has spent her entire life as a concerned citizen and a donor to environmentally concerned organizations and politicians. Ms. Joshi has recently chosen to exercise her passion locally in her long time home, Yonkers. She aspires to provide future generations with unfettered access to a naturalized shoreline of the great Hudson River and also believes that it would be wise to preserve the city’s historic buildings for the simple reason that they give us aesthetic pleasure; that we should save as much open land as possible so that our fellow creatures have somewhere to live; that sustainable-building practices are an international imperative; that an eleven-story mall is going to look sadly out of character in the middle of our oldest neighborhood; and that we have a moral obligation to give the Hudson River the care, concern and celebrity that it deserves as one of the world’s great waterways.


Terry is also Vice-Chair of the Yonkers Land Conservancy, and a member of the Yonkers Green Policy Task Force.  Her professional life has been spent in various aspects of the performing arts as a community theatre producer, professional coordinator of international tours for musical ensembles, and grant-writer.  She is currently the Director of Public Relations and Special Events at the Hoff-Barthelson Music School in Scarsdale.


Jane Barker, Secretary

To come.


MJ Territo, Advisory Council

MJ Territo, a 20+-year Yonkers resident, is president of the Armour Villa Neighborhood Association, representing 420 single family home owners on the east side of Yonkers. 

"Development affects everyone in Yonkers, not just those in the neighborhoods where the development is taking place. Now is the time to make development in our city economically, socially, and environmentally sound." 




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