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How You Can Help

Contact your City Councilmember and talk about what YOU think SMART Development would be. 
( and 914-377-6000)


City Council Members

City Council President - Mike Khader -
District 1- Shanae Williams -

District 2 - Corazon Pineda-Isaacs -

District 3 - Tasha Diaz -

District 4 - John Rubbo -

District 5 - Mike Breen -

District 6 - Anthony Merante -

Carry a petition in your neighborhood asking the city administration to build SMART.  
We’ll give you one. 

Attend a Community Meeting and learn all you can about SMART Development.  
Give us your contact information.

Ask YCSD for copies of its brochure to distribute to everyone you know. 

Help pay for a TV Advertisement featuring SMART Development. Ask us how that works. 

Attend City Council, Real Estate Committee, and Planning Board Meetingsand make your feeling known about SMART Development.  Check schedules at 

Contact Mayor Spano and tell him what you think would look SMART on the waterfront. 
Tel: 914-377-6000 

Write letters to the local newspapers about the need for SMART Development in Yonkers.  
( and


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