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What are Our Choices?

There are enlightened ways to revitalize a tired downtown and waterfront. Yonkers can become a lively city that celebrates its vibrant history and spectacular River views. 

It can restore its central urban core of vintage buildings, design city squares and parks, and create an architectural design for a waterfront that enhances the city’s cultural and historic past. Yonkers can become a tourist destination in its own right! 

Imagine turning Yonkers into a South Street Seaport; a Baltimore; a Portland, Maine; a Portland, Oregon; or a Portsmouth, New Hampshire. 

Then imagine a city of giant indoor malls with big box stores and a tall wall of expensive apartment buildings along the waterfront with views only for those residents. 

Imagine - in which Yonkers do you want to work and live? 

And which Yonkers deserves to be called: Gateway to the Hudson Valley?

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